Artist impression of a virus

Infectious Diseases and Host Defence (Online)
16 November – 18 December 2020

This short course will explore and explain the physiological basis of common problems encountered in paediatric practice.

The course is run online over 5 consecutive weeks and it is estimated that you will conduct? 7 – 10 hours per week of?guided?and self-directed learning, which will also incorporate online group work. There are also planned synchronous online sessions during the course to discuss ideas, present group and individual work and to facilitate further learning.

The course adopts an active learning strategy which consists of: ?
  • ?Pre course reading/videos to read/watch with reflective activities to prepare for the course.
  • Online activities such as reading, researching & watching lectures with related tasks to enhance & consolidate your learning??.
  • Group work and group presentations.?

This is supported by case-based learning and practical guidance. All teaching is delivered by highly experienced paediatric practitioners and educators.

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